I feel the quickening,  

In my blood

In my bones

Deep in the belly

Purging, surging

Urgent, wilful and untamed

You hunger to clear the ways

With an unquenchable thirst

Tearing down

Stripping away what remains

Of last years harvest.


I feel you in my anger

In my obsession

In the heat of the chase

You're maddening


The fire that rushes through my Spirit

My will and intent

If I can handle you

Harness you

You make a powerful ally

But you threaten to engulf                                             

To explode and destroy

In a fury of sparks

Fumes and scolding heat.


Your furnaces and kilns

Rage and create

You melt down and make sweat

Shamanic ecstasy unravelled

Shedding your warmth and light

Fiery Inspirer

Wielder of Awen

When you burn

But don't consume

Smoke your calling card

Preserves and cleanses all it touches.


How often have you been

The Ferryman

That carries me over

After the pyre at the seashore

Has swept away 

The remnants of a Life outgrown?

Cremated and 

Utterly transformed

My inner phoenix then free

To rise from your pale ashes.


You always appear at the heart

Of the matter

Molten core of Earth

Volcanoes pulsating

Geothermal activity of

Bubbling springs and 

Hot mud pools

Ignition combustion

Sacred Heart of Jesus.


I feel your roar

In my excitement

Sometimes you push me

You make me overwhelming

To others

When I'm in full impassioned flight

You encourage me to be



And Dynamic.


I love watching

Your supple

Flames sway and dance

You captivate

In the hearth

The future is there

In the flickering firelight

Rising from the darkened coals

My inner light burns brightly.





I raise the silver cruach

From glimmering, bubbling stream

And pass your icy chill notes

Through my lips

I taste your memory-laced nectar

That you rushed over rocks

And riverbeds

Running, flowing quick

As blood of Earth in rapid veins

You enter the causeways

Of my body and Soul

Rushing, filling every cell

Running, flowing quick

Over bones and sinew

Catching my breath

To your sweet elixir

Then you rise as liquid mist

From deep exhalation


Alchemical fusion

Of fire and water.


By day, you enchant and call me

Binding my vision

With your slick silvery threads

Twisting and snaking

Between hills and 

Winding over yonder valleys

Tumbling down rock faces

Cascades, mountainous places.


I follow you down

To Well head and spring

Named for a Goddess

You gush from Her sacred womb

Dedicated to Her rites

I scry your mirrored surface

Crossing rainbow bridge

To Otherworld beyond.


With Moon as guide

I chase you on

To where your rivers meet the sea

Tidal currents pull and tease

Over every body of water

Each drop

Not one escapes your urging

Moon Goddess

Pale Orb

I harken to your calling

Of the Ancient Ones

You alone, in darkened skies

On glassy watered surface

A reminder to my clan and line

That by water

Could the Gods be reached.


By night, I sleep to dream


Floating on your fanciful seas

I disappear from realm of mortals

To where the Merfolk play

And water horses churn

On endless tides

Deep emotions

Powerful ocean depths

Flood my visions

Whether it be

Rocking shores

I travel your dark and crystal ways.


I bathe in your misted lakes

Laved light body glistens

My hearts song with emotion

My senses awash

I consecrate deep boundaries

And imbibe my flesh-blood vessel

I steep, brew and infuse with you

It is by your good grace

That I am alive.






I come ungrounded

In your wildish fickle presence

You whisper and flutter

In high tree tops

I listen as 

Branches creak and groan

In ecstasy

Dry leaves dance unhinged

And spin like dervishes


By your restless ways.


Bees buzz and hum

Balmy pollen laced and heady

Crows loudly flap

And fly true

I quicken to their magic flight

Like the breath in my body

You are to their ways




On high hilltop I wait

For your trickster-spirit

To comb the tangles, matted knots

And cobwebs

From my ethereal body

Like a hurricane unleashed on

My despondency

I am renewed.


I scent your messages

In the soul-flight of the winged ones

The howling winds of change

Reach me

Before the torrent

On many colored breezes

Harbingers of the new cycles



The magic enchantments

Words of power

And intent

I send back out

Carried on your slip-streams

From my breath

Vibrant resonance

Of my body and will

Brought into being


As you roam and play and

Your clouds scurry and scatter.







I enter the chamber

In darkness and in reverence

Ancestor tomb

Mound of wonders

Of mud, bone and stone

And of Other.


Fleeting shadows weave 

While Ancient Ones slumber


Resting in your silent embrace

Bearing weapons

Torcs and bracelets

Forged from the richness

Of your very core

Chariots and skeletal steeds

Bear them forward

Through the Afterlife.


Your mines and caves

Hidden in mossy woods

Hold veins of water

Crystal, mineral and metal,

Plundered, captured

From dragon and gnome

To skilful crafters

Who put them to fire

Coaxing the indwelling spirits

Into shapes of great beauty

The magical smiths

At forges

Hammer singing

Ringing on anvil

Superb alchemists from the

Rich fertile soil.


The great dolmens stand

As guardians and batteries

For the coursing dragon lines

Below your crust-skin

Tree dense woodlands hum

With vitality

And the secrets of 

Bark, leaf, sap


To the greening wisdom

Our herbs

Medicine and shelter

All come from your 

Wooded Ones.


I feel connected and stable

And deeply grounded

As I traverse your hills and vales



I walk your ways

With feet bare 

To the uprising currents of Power.


I lean my back to Giant forest Elders

Their branches reaching the

Upper Worlds

Their root structures 

Bound solid to Earth

Mirrors and parallels

Upper and Lower are One

Roots and branches

A wonder to behold

The Great Tree

Of Shamanic Worlds.